Friday, February 10, 2012

Hints and Tips

Top 10 for the week

1. Substitute self raising flour for 1/3 of the plain flour in your pastry for a flakier result (thanks to d. for this one)

2. Store mushrooms in the paper bags provided. Plastic bags make them go slimy.

3. To separate an egg crack it into your hands and yet the white slip through your fingers. Make sure you wash your hands first of course.

4. Freeze lemon juice in ice-cube trays. Each cube equals about 1 Tablespoon.

5. Use vegetable water from boiled or steamed gravy in stock and gravies.

6. Add bulgar and vegetables to your mice when making burgers - it stretched out the mix, adds sometexture and tastes great.

7. You can use the water used when making corned beef as the base for a ham and pea soup.

8. When making salad sandwiches for school lunches put the tomato in the middle to help stop the bread from going soggy.

9. If your stew is too salty cut up a potato, wrap in muslin and add to the dish. When cooked, remove and recyle - the potato will have absorbed the extra salt (thanks to Pete B for this one).

10. Save and freeze all of your uneaten bread crusts and use to make fresh breadcrumbs as needed.

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