Passionfruit and Chilli is webcast live but if you missed a show is available for podcast. Epsiode 1 - 3 is available here. Episode 4 is available here.

Interviews on podcast 4: Pete Bufo shares his recipe for Mediterranean Risoni salad as well as giving out hints on caramelising onions and discussing beer; Kevin from Bellingen Butchery completes the final in the series on meat cuts - this week is pork; Pauline Browning from the Bellingen CWA gives us the recipe for perfect scones; and May Smith talks about making fresh cheese at home.

Interviews on podcast 3: bellofoodbox; Bellingen Butchery talks to us about cuts of lamb; Amber Tarling helps us set up a vegetable garden; Pete Bufo shares a vegetarian recipe

Interviews on podcast 2: Raleigh Wines; Hot Chilli Mama; Bellingen Butchery

Interviews on podcast 1: Mayfield Farm Produce; Polly's Pantry; Northbank Community Garden; and Bellingen Grower's Market

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