Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food Day Canada

The push to eat healthy and opt for locally sourced home-cooked meals received national attention on Saturday as chefs and restaurants across the country marked the ninth annual Food Day Canada.

The brainchild of food writer Anita Stewart, Food Day Canada promotes Canadian ingredients, celebrates Canadian farmers and food producers and praises the many restaurateurs and home cooks who make use of the bounty growing in their backyard.

Robinson is among the dozens of local food producers who display their homegrown offerings every Saturday at the farmers’ market on Icomm Drive in Brantford. On Food Canada Day, shoppers filled the bustling market looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade bread, local cheese and other delicacies for their dinner tables.

“It’s our generation’s responsibility to grow local, organic produce for the generations to come so it’ll be sustainable,” Robinson said.

One of Food Day Canada’s advocacy goals is for retailers to carry more Canadian products.

Check out the complete story written by J.P. Antonacci at Brant News or the Food Day Canada website for more information (and inspiration) or like the Facebook page.

Image from the Food Day Canada Facebook page

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