Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eating Local Made Easy

I appreciate that this can be a challenging concept for some people due the necessity to change shopping happens and, to eat what is in season, sometimes even menus. And obviously not all areas of the planet are the food bowl that the Bellinger valley is so availability also becomes an issue.

However, a number of communities in the good ol' US of A is suggesting that folks just take a small step in the direction of supporting their local farmers and food producers - spending either 10% or $10 a week (depending on the campaign) on local food. You can find some examples here, here, here and here. I am sure there are many more out there.

You will also note that as well as putting out the challenge, these communities are making it easier with databases and other information that lets residents know what is available where and when.

Imagine the benefits - fresher food, supporting our neighbors, increasing local employment, expanded local economies - the list can go on.

So if you aren't a localvore and find the whole concept too hard, too impractical or just not something on your list of things to do this week, why not considering taking a little step instead and make a choice to spend just $10 of your weekly budget on local food.

Image: "Farmer's Market" by CarolynBoBarolyn

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