Friday, March 2, 2012

Hints and Tips - Cutting the Food Budget

1. Plan your meals and make a list - stick to it.

2. Only buy seasonal produce.

3. Use leftovers the next, or freeze then, or upcycle them.

4. Make your own baby food by freezing iceblock sized portions of fruit, vegetables or other foods.

5. Don't go shopping hungry.

6. You don't need more than a palm sized piece of red meat two the three times a week - eating larger servings more often are just wasted.

7. Make your own meals from scratch - pre-pared food is usually more expensive.

8. Cut out or cut down the take-aways - home cooking is usually a lot cheaper and more healthy - and tastes better too! This includes taking your own lunches to work or school.

9. Grate your own cheese rather than buying shredded. This applied to pre-cut onions as well.

10. Check the unit pricing.

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